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Day 1 : Discuss your current relationship

So I have been in my current relationship for four years and eight months. I already spoke on how we met in another blog A Coaster (A day I’ll Never Forget) – Day 5

I don’t think my relationship can be compared to anyone else’s so I’ll try to describe it as best as I can. I normally tell persons that we ended up in a relationship the moment we met. We were never friends, we just transitioned from strangers to a couple in a matter of hours/days.

Anyways let’s get into the discussion:

There is the good

When we met I was a broken person honestly. I was angry, I was sad, I felt alone. Of course I had family but apart from my grandmother at the time everyone was abroad. I had no friends. My mother had died the year before and I was struggling with that. I was struggling with school plus travelling to school from St.Thomas everyday was a struggle all by itself.

I met him, and after a few weeks of just being in his space I became motivated. I watched him debate, I watched him work with different companies to make the money he needed for different reasons. I watched him balance school, work, campus politics and co-curricular activities with ease.

He was exactly what I needed in my life at the time. He became my journal and my therapist. He would force me to talk about what was going on in my head and I would let it all out. Then he would be there to dry the tears and tell me over and over how strong I was. Then he would tell me how beautiful I was from the first strand on my head to the last prints at the bottom of my feet.

That was what I fell in love with. His ability to be successful in everything he set out to do no matter how difficult it got and the way he motivated me to be just like him. Plus the way he would make me feel as a person, I felt beautiful on my worst days because he was always singing the words in my ears even when I didn’t want to believe it.

Then there is the bad

We both have “strong” personalities. He is stubborn and I am STUBBORN. Our arguments are out of this world especially when neither of us is willing to accept the other’s reasoning on a situation. He has his faults and I have mine like every other relationship. But I think we have learned overtime how to look beyond certain faults for the sake of the relationship.

And there is US

I am the “thinker” in the relationship. Meaning my head is always all over the place always thinking of new business ideas or activities and I am always over thinking as well.  My mind is never quiet. He is the level-headed one always thinking things through to figure out all the risks and benefits before doing anything while I am always willing to take risks.

Contrary to what a lot of persons may believe, he is the peacemaker in the relationship. If we get into an argument, he will be the one to try to fix it 51% of the times.

I am the spendthrift in the relationship. I believe that if I have the money to purchase something I want I should get because I may not live to see another minute. So he would be the one running behind me in a store to literally pull me in when I get out of control.

In all other situations it’s the same. Like Fire and Oxygen. We work together.

So that’s my relationship for you 🙂

It was a pleasure having this discussion.

See you tomorrow.




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