Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive work environment.

I didn’t know that persons with jobs, and the qualifications to go with those jobs, didn’t understand what sexual harassment was. I didn’t know that human beings believed that it was OK to smack coworkers on the ass or comment on how fat someone’s pants front was.

In fact, I was disappointed when I wrote a letter reporting my experience to the managers of the company I was with, only to have three-quarters of the goats there malice me and to be questioned as though I was the one making persons uncomfortable.

I have a very high ass. I wont even act like it isn’t there. It is right there. Ask anyone who knows me what stands out on me physically and the answers will be forehead and ass. So I expect comments, but after seeing it travel with me to work everyday for over a year it should become a norm and you should be able to keep quite about it. Because it’s just a body part. Right? No fam. Wrong

In two years working in the same building I’ve been slapped on the ass more than five times. Maybe more than 10. I have been lifted off the ground with my crotch almost in Mr. Strongman’s face. I’ve had objects tossed at my ass. I’ve been stopped in the middle of work and asked to turn around for someone to see the mass of flesh being held back by my pants zip. I have been asked if I had a sanitary napkin on because that could never be a vagina in my clothes. I’ve had managers resting hands on my shoulder and I have no idea how but the hand just goes limp and slides down and rests on my ass. I’ve had numbers stuffed into my hand on pieces of paper. I’ve had persons using their office phone to call my office phone to find out why I hadn’t called the number on the scrap of paper. All in the same building. Not on the roadside. Work

Once again, if you know me you’ll know this. I can handle pressure and I can hold things in. But when I blow, I blow. So after a while I just lost it. That week a young miss slapped me on my ass one day and I remember grabbing her neck. A few coworkers were staring and I realized that nothing was going to come out of that situation so I released her and left. The next day she came to my desk and grabbed my ass and the day after that a young man tossed a pen at my ass. I just froze and I just shouted. I just couldn’t believe these people really thought this was OK. Goats have more sense than that for crying out loud.

Believe it or not. A lot of persons, managers boasting one or two degrees couldn’t understand why I behaved the way I did. That was the least of my problems because I was slowly realizing that these people were full of shit like crabs.

I went to the bathroom and called Donavon (as usual) while trying to cool down and he suggested I write a report.

Did that. Emailed it. And the next week they had a “hearing”.

Nobody touched me after that but it wasn’t because of that meeting. It was mostly because to them, I was a sell-out. Really didn’t care.

So in the meeting my two page letter was pulled apart and questioned. I was asked if these persons weren’t my friends as if I went to work to collect friendships. I was asked if I didn’t think my clothes may have been inappropriate. Clothes that they made and gave to me. I was asked what I had done to ensure I wasn’t harassed.



And it was in that moment… Brothers and sisters… it was in that moment I realized I was working in a roach-house.

I didn’t cuss, I didn’t complain. I went about my business. Planned out exactly how I’d kill the next person brave enough to touch me since they wanted the zoo-life. Stuck with the persons I realized had sense, left who I needed to leave alone and just did my work until the day I left.

Females told me about being held down in the elevator and bathroom of this place. Men have sat down at lunch and after work to describe the scent and size of women’s vaginas. I’ve been to the gym there to have men watch my every squat and every crunch and I left it just like that and I know females have been through worse there and elsewhere.

My advice to females is this. Report them as soon as it happens. And if it continues, sue the entire company. Kill somebody. Anything. The same advice goes for males. I know males experience the same thing or worse even though we don’t hear much of it.

But don’t sit and allow persons to harass you verbally or physically because it only gets worse.

The end -_-

Love Euranique 🙂


18 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

      1. Well I’m happy for her. Something good came out of her situation. In my case, I had mentioned a law suit in my report and everyone just came together to find all the reasons why it could have been my fault. It was unbelievable

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  1. Eura, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about, TRUST ME! That place, I’d never recommend it to a soul, whether for work or their actual services! So so so sorry you had to endure that!

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      1. None at all! It’s a big free for all and because so much of their workforce is there by way of “links”, there’s no accountability!

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      2. Nah babe! Common knowledge! Really and truly, hush though, hun. I last worked there in 2012 and not for love, money or a double-dog-dare would I consider returning!


  2. Jamaica tends to have a sense of over-familiarity in the workplace at times. I’ve been in the hotel industry, customer service and my present field and during this time I’ve had advances made at me by superiors. I’m a male so I was very surprised by it especially that these persons were also men.


    1. It’s everywhere and I didn’t realize how terrible it was until I started experiencing it for myself. And the worst part of it is that persons actually believe it’s ok and if you aren’t comfortable with it something is wrong with you.


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