Don’t Love Your Job Too Much

On Thursday (March 30th) when I got to work, there was a woman providing what my workplace calls counseling, preparing staff members of the company for potential redundancy. At the time, no-one (except for the management staff and those connected to them in whatever way) knew who would have been laid off, we just knew it was coming. After the session I thought to myself that I needed to blog about it. Not about getting laid off, but to let other persons know that in the working world, the worst thing you can do is love your job more than yourself or give it the greater percentage of your life’s attention.

I didn’t start writing then, because I felt like I would be putting down my workplace for one, and I didn’t want my readers assuming anything because a decent amount of you know where I work. So I jotted the idea down in the back of my brain and decided I would bring the thought to life when the time was right.

On Friday at exactly 3:00pm, I was “invited” to a meeting. And in that meeting, the chairperson went around and around for about fifteen minutes. He spoke of irrelevant things such as Boys and Girls champs, meetings that were held before, profits, losses and statistics, the future of the company and with one second, the termination of our (myself and other persons present) contracts.

I already knew what was coming so I didn’t bawl out and call for Jesus Christ the Savior. I left the meeting. Cleaned my desk and computer, I said goodbye to those who were deserving and I left.

I was sad about leaving because this place became my second home over-time, I contributed to positive changes in the company and I can honestly say that the place contributed to my personal growth  in a sense.

But I always knew I didn’t belong there, I know my potential and I have my aims and none of what I wanted to achieve could have been achieved there. And since I’m no longer there I can confess that whether I was laid off or not, I wouldn’t have allowed another year to catch me at that desk processing files.

So let’s get into the point of the blog, which is the part that says you should always put yourself, your dreams and aspirations , your family, whatever it is before your job.


The answer is as simple as this, your job doesn’t love you. Your job doesn’t give a flying or walking shit about your kids that are hungry at home or the fact that you’re struggling to balance school and work or even the black eye that’ll be accompanying you to work on Monday morning. They just want you to get the work done.

So if you are a student or you plan on being a student, work on that. If you plan on starting your own business, work on that. If you want to travel and see the world, take a vacation and do it. Stop worrying about who is going to have all that work to do when you leave it behind. Do what is written in your job description. Get to work on time and leave when you’re supposed to leave and use the time you’d waste idling to work on yourself.

I get confused when I hear persons at my then workplace say they leave work at 6 or 7 in the evening. Keep it in mind that promotions aren’t a thing there and I’ve never heard of anyone getting paid for working overtime so they’re just working for work’s sake. The only rewards persons would get are trophies at or after 5 years of work and the quality of the trophy would improve as the years of contribution grew. But what is a trophy worth after you’ve contributed 30 years of your life and then you’re told that your on a list of persons being laid off for whatever reasons they have cooked up?

The lady I mentioned at the beginning recommended a book to us and I’m happy I read it. I feel like everyone should read this book at least once Who Moved My Cheese. One thing I learned from this book was that change is inevitable. And if you’re not meant to be in a certain situation, it’s not going to transform to accommodate you ( and even if it feels comfortable it still may not be meant for you). A lot of times we find ourselves in jobs or even relationships and deep down we know we’re settling but because it feels so comfortable we stay in it because we are unsure of what anything outside of that holds. You know your potential so if you ever find yourself settling please find your way out.

But here’s the upside of my story. I left work a few minutes after 4:30pm , Donavon came to pick me up and while we were on our way home I got news that I would start working the next week in my own office, with persons I am comfortable working with, closer to my home and school making it easier for me to travel between work, school and home with little to no hassle.

This isn’t to bash anyone reading. I promise you it isn’t.

I just want to remind those who need a reminder that there is life after 5pm and after Friday.

Work isn’t life.

When you die or lose your job, work continues.

Don’t forget to live.


Love Eura 🙂


4 thoughts on “Don’t Love Your Job Too Much

  1. Girl! I’m so happy that you’ve moved on to greener pastures! You’re so right about not loving your job too much. I always say to be moderate in how much you give to the things in your life because when you are let go or disappointed, the world keeps turning, so look our for your best interests. And that part about settling! Ain’t that the truth! EVERYDAY I contemplate leaving where I am, because I KNOW that it’s not worth it, but because of love I still wake up and go in every morning…*sigh*…

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    1. Trust me man. It’s the most painful thing to give all your energy and effort to one person or thing and get dropped. No matter how beautiful it is where you are you should never stop looking for something better. The truth is, they are always looking for someone better than you.

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      1. It’s actually not that beautiful but it is somewhere affecting. Like, I truly believe you can’t be involved there without having some sort of change occur.

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