It’s 2017 and a lot of persons are coming up with resolutions as always.

I understand that many persons aren’t very interested in the idea of resolutions for whatever reason and I guess that’s understandable.

I can’t recall ever making new year’s resolutions but I do believe they serve a purpose. In my opinion resolutions inspire growth and change…

Similar to five and ten-year plans.

For example, every now and again, Donavon and I have little talks and we reflect on the times we would alternate between liver and kidneys for dinner, until we were able to move to KFC, then turkey neck, then chicken, then mutton and now we are at a point, financially, where we can go to amazing restaurants to eat or take nice vacations if needs be.

Those little memories show us how much we have grown as a couple and how long we have been together. We remember now and then that we have come a long way, we see that the relationship is going somewhere and we create new goals for the relationship when we need to. Slowly but surely we achieve these goals, build the relationship, and move on to bigger things.

Outside of my relationship though, I believe I need to be  growing and evolving on my own. Because outside of my relationship I am my own person.

I believe that investing all your energy into relationships or friendships is unhealthy. Those relationships can end at anytime. And if you were busy building relationships and focusing all your energy in that area, you’ll be thrown completely off-balance. None of that is necessary… All you need to do is put things in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

That’s the purpose of resolutions for me this year.

It is my intention to work on my resolutions to make myself a better person. I’m sure I’ll forget them every now and then and sometimes I’ll put them aside. But I’m all about improving myself. So I’m sure that next year this time I would have accomplished most or all of the goals I would have set and I would have improved as a person.

These are the things I wish to change and improve in myself for the year 2017:


I’m not very good with maintaining healthy relationships especially friendships. I have this crazy idea in my head that I am strong enough to conquer the world on my own and I have no patience when it comes to understanding others and helping them to understand me.

The other day I wanted to go watch a movie so bad and there was nobody in my long contact list to invite to tag along.

I have a lot of work to do in that area. It might take 2017 and many years to follow but I have acknowledged that fault of mine and I will be working on it.

So feel free to submit your friendship applications lol


I’m just too young to be running out of breath like this all the time. I wont even go into explaining this one, I just need to be working out. Yes, it would be nice to have those #fitchick bodies I’m seeing on instagram but I know myself. So I’ll just be humble  and just take it a step at a time. I’ve already conquered day one of my workout “challenge” so look out for before and after pictures soon.


This is my biggest problem. I’ve been told so many times of my potential and my amazing qualities and all the opportunities I have been missing out on because of fear. I feel like I have spent enough time being afraid of silly things that are holding me back from getting to all the places I want to go. So I don’t know exactly how I’m going to work this resolution right here but the fear needs to go.

And like I said before, I know resolutions may not be a thing for everybody but this for me, is  a way of holding myself accountable. And now all I need to do is ensure I don’t start 2018 with the same stale resolutions.

Happy New Year 🙂



6 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Great post. I recommend you read the book No excuses by Brian Tracy.
    I have a similar fear mindset as well. But as time goes on I tend to regret not taking the plunge. It’s better to have tried than not at all. All the best on your journey dearest

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