Ace Your Interview

I haven’t written anything in a while. Mainly because I had nothing to write about and also because I had exams and assignments to complete.

The other day, my manager stopped by my department to check on how everyone was was doing and we all ended up having a conversation about what everyone was like when we first came to the company.

Apparently I had aced my interview and blew my interviewers away with my charm lol.

So I decided that I would share some tips on how you can ace your interviews and possibly get that job you’ve been praying for.

I get nervous about everything, so I don’t want any one assuming that I am a bold, outgoing person. I get panic attacks before presentations, I get worried when I’m supposed to leave the house, I worry about every single thing. The only things I’m never nervous about are food and sleep. So trust me when I tell you these tips can carry you a far way.

Dress For The Job:

You have to show your employers (to be) what it is they should expect from you on the job. I honestly believe that the quality of your work should be the only thing that matters but unfortunately that’s not the case.

I actually went ahead and made a dress for my interview (out of panic) and I blowdried my hair as straight as I could and combed it into a neat bun.

Do your research:

It’s always good to know about your employer. What it is that they do. Whether it’s insurance, loans, research, counseling.

Because there’s one question you’ll always get from an interviewer. “What can you offer to the company?” And if you don’t know what they do you can’t possibly know what you can offer.

Most companies have websites or social media pages now where you can find all the information you need. Look out for their mission statements and Visions to see what they’re all about even though some of them lie  -_-

Do a Mock Interview:

Donavon walked behind me the entire morning asking me questions that are asked in most interviews. It was annoying and stressing and made me even more nervous but it was all worth it. His questions helped me to be more prepared for the questions I received.

Be On Time:

My interview was scheduled for 10am. But I was there at 8am… Before the persons who were scheduled for that time. Employers love to see when persons are on time/early. They’ll have confidence in you coming early for work and they’ll see that you’re not just there because you need to be there but because you’re interested.

Be Engaging:

Don’t be in the interview answering to only questions you’ve been asked. Tie in an example to whatever you’re saying. Asks questions about what you’ll be doing and link the job description to things you’ve done before. Give jokes. Have a conversation. Make them laugh and relax and get used to the idea of having you around. It works every single time.

Be Polite ( For Christ’s Sake):

Maybe it’s just the type of mother I had but there are things you must do and there things you just don’t do. Pleasantries are a must guys. I cannot enter a room and not greet the persons around me. From an interviewer’s shoe, that’s where you’d lose the job from me. Sorry.

Watch Tutorials:

There are too many interview examples and tips on the internet nowadays. I remember using one I saw from Smile Jamaica. Not sure how I’d find it now but if I do I’ll link it one day if I find it.

Have Fun:

If you follow all those tips, you should be on your way to your first pay cheque. Don’t pass out from nervousness in the interview. Just be prepared and you’ll do well.


4 thoughts on “Ace Your Interview

  1. Great stuff. I also suggest asking the interviewer questions about the company that you cannot get on line- keep THEM on their toes- like,
    – soo… how long have you worked here?
    – is there a lot of room for a promotion tho?
    – do you really like it here? Why?
    I always like people who are curious, I constantly annoy ppl with questions like that : )

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