Rum + Pimento

I love experimenting. At one point, my family members believed I would become a doctor or chemist because I was forever mixing things and inventing cures for all ailments. I remember mixing Ice (for muscle pain) into my mother’s hair oil once.

I don’t remember what I was attempting to create but the outcome was hell and fire.

Apart from raising all levels of hell though, I would watch my great-grandfather and great-grandmother make items of their own. While I plan on sharing all the recipes with you guys (when I have the time of course), I’ve decided to share the most recent recipe that I have tried and I’m sure you’d like if you decide to give it a try too.

If you experience any form of pain (joints, muscles etc) except for heartbreak you need to try this one. Please comment and let me know how it goes as well.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Jamaican White Rum (Wray and Nephew)
  2. Pimento Berries (Dried)….You may stop there, but if you can find it, your final ingredient will be
  3. Guinea Hen Weed ( just a piece of the stem)

It’s always best to store things in glass so I use the rum bottle as storage.

Add the other two ingredients to your rum and let that sit overnight in a cold dark place. You’ll observe that all the items sink to the bottom of the container and voila.That’s it.


Just rub the mixture on the spots that hurt and go to bed. Its best to use before bed if you don’t want to go around smelling like an alcoholic. But hey. Live your Life.


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