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My Hair Story – Introduction

I have been natural for the majority of my existence. In fact my days with a perm only lasted for a year.

I was raised in a house of christians who didn’t believe that it was appropriate to have pierced ears or processed hair until the appropriate age of about eighteen ( when you can make decisions on your own). My mother though, was a bit lenient and I ended up getting my first piercing in grade 9 and my first perm in my last days of the eleventh grade.

I continued with that style for one year of sixth form and then I stopped when I moved on to college. In Jamaica, for those who wouldn’t know, braids aren’t allowed in schools (except for a lucky few) and I believe that was the main reason for me waiting until the end of school to stop processing my hair.

My mane is extremely thick and kinky ( I would describe it as 4c if I were to go by the prescribed charts) and it was very hard to manage so going back to my natural hair and combing it by myself in high school wasn’t an option.

So from 2011 to 2012 I sported braids ( mainly rope twists with afro kinky or nappy annie hair). As soon as one style came out another one went in. I had no contact with my hair for that period.

Then I became familiar with youtube and the naturalistas on it. That’s when I found out about big chops and ‘bantu knots’ and ‘twist outs’ and the ‘wash and go’ that I doubt I will ever try. I had no problem with accepting my texture in the first place and I wasn’t scared of being hairless (for a while) so I decided to go completely natural.

On my 19th birthday I got myself a big chop and bleached hair as a gift to myself. At first it was braids month after month but after I started getting some decent length I began experimenting with my hair, trying new styles and treatments, buying new products and making my own.

Since then a lot of persons have seen my hair and liked it and a lot of them would love to know what I do.

So this little series is about my hair and what I do to it on a weekly, daily and monthly basis. You can expect product reviews every now an then. Affordable product reviews by the way ( I’m a wealthy woman in training- I’m not there as yet). Expect story times with all the mistakes I have made as well… You will enjoy those.

So look out for more posts. It promises to be loads of fun.



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