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UNIVERSITY..The big Move – Day 8

For today’s blog I need to make a list.

A list of what? It doesn’t matter so long as it carries the weight of 500 words.

I decided to be helpful and make a “Moving on to University list”

When I started University I couldn’t afford living on campus… Well I could afford it but I couldn’t afford the halls I wanted to live on so I chose the other option. I boarded nearby…Just 5 minutes walk. If you’re a UWI or UTECH student you’ll know Elleston Flats. That’s where I went. I’ll never forget the date, February 3, 2013.

Dear beloved, I moved to Kingston with 3 bags. A Juicy Couture, A fake Gucci (where mi muss get money from) and a Jan-sport.

By now you know I’m from St. Thomas… and I need you all to bear it in mind that this was a Sunday.

Sunday sun is hotter than any other sun guys. Plus the drive was long and slow and disgusting. There’s no going back to St.Thomas until that weekend because I’m already drained.

It’s basically the middle of the term so I have classes the next day.


So I step into my room and immediately realise i don’t have sheets…

I hear stirring in the kitchen… My belly says it’s dinner time and I realise I don’t have pots.

Now if you have been to Flats, you know the hill back up is way too steep and at the time I didnt know about Miss Helen’s shop so I did what I knew…. called Dominoes

So I called Dominoes, made my order and thing and relaxed.

Ten minutes later dominoes called me with the heartbreaking news… (Miss Bailey we don’t do deliver down by your side ma’am)


So this post is to help you my friend, so you won’t end up down by Elleston flats or on campus in need.

So this is a list of things you’ll need to have or do when youre moving on to greener pastures:

  1. Sheets – I had sheets (for clarity) but i had the wrong ones. I had double bed sheets but my room had a single bed. If youre going to be living on campus you’ll need single bed sheets. If you’ll be living off campus, view the room first if you can but if you cant call the landlord and find out the details of the room – Don’t forget your pillows
  2. An iron – There might be one around… But you might need to share or it may not work. That is if there is an iron there to start with
  3. An ironing board – This is for students who wear uniforms and those fancy things. I didn’t need one until I found myself a job.
  4. A friend – You need one of these so they can call your family if anything goes wrong or your family can call them when they can’t get to you…. Or you just mind find yourself in a missing persons report… seriously
  5. Pots – You need to eat… And after a while you’ll realize you can’t afford junk food everyday
  6. Please please please …. Take things along to clean your room before you unpack… Bleach,vinegar, whatever you use. You’d be surprised to know what happens in those rooms….Sex is the least if that’s what you were thinking
  7. Everything you’d use in the shower
  8. Everything you’d use at home to clean

As I’m creating this list I’m realizing there are a lot of things you’ll need so i think I’ll do a part two of this post with more things.


This post was a bit fun 🙂


3 thoughts on “UNIVERSITY..The big Move – Day 8

  1. AND a fan! HOE-MY-GAWD for the first term I moved on campus I never had a fan. Who did tell me to do this to myself? My room mate had a fan and I stress it out till the thing start to move slow. No man, the heat in Kingston is to another level. A fan is a mus.



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