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A Coaster (A day I’ll Never Forget) – Day 5

I’m going to say it was a Thursday because Thursdays are normally the best days of the week. So it was about seven in the morning, and it was the third or fourth Thursday of the year. I normally avoid the coaster buses because the drivers have this weird way of driving off with one of my legs in the bus and the other outside. I can never understand.

I would normally opt for a taxi or the JUTC bus but none was there and I didn’t want to be late for class. So the coaster bus it was. So I step on this bus…I don’t remember the name but they all have names( Whisper, Young Money, etc. Don’t ask me why). Anyways I make my way to the back seat of the bus and on my way to that seat I had a big decision to make. The issue in this case was whether I would be sitting next to a fat man or a  skinny man. No offense to you sir, if you ever find this blog and remember the day, but I couldn’t  sit next to the fat man. I’ve had a few bad experiences with them and I had a long day ahead of me. I just couldn’t take that chance. So the skinny man it was.

A few minutes later someone else walked in. A young man. He was wearing an aeropostale shirt I believe, shorts, his knapsack and Sony headphones… ready for school.Young man sat right next to me and it wasn’t a situation where other seats were available so I’m not complaining.

Before the bus had the opportunity to drive off properly… These men(fat and skinny man) start teasing every single person outside of the bus. I couldn’t help but laugh. Everyone who could hear was laughing. I’m assuming that the young man then realized I wasn’t as stuck up as my face had led him to believe so he started a conversation. His name was Donavon Johnson, a UWI student studying Political Science, Criminology and Public Sector Management. I felt so small when he asked what I was studying and all I had to say was “Law”. We talked for what felt like hours but you know that’s impossible on a ride from downtown to Papine so once again I’m just being extra. When we got to crossroads, right where Carib is he put his phone in my hands…

No “May I have your number Euranique?” Nothing like that… Mr. Super Confident just drop di phone inna mi lap suh braps lol

And guess what I did for the first time in my existence?

I gave my number to a stranger…I put my number in that Bold 5

Later that day he called and I was busy working on a group project so being the focused young lady I am I missed the call. I called back though… Right in time for us to leave school and travel back home together. We talked all the way from Utech gate to downtown. Then he introduced me to Yahoo Messenger and we talked on that until I got home (that’s about two hours).

That night he just so happened to have free nights and called. And we talked again.

Within 15 minutes he was yawning like crazy so we said our good nights and he went to bed.

That was the end of that Thursday.

It’s now three years and 6 months later and we are in a relationship neither of us can understand. But it has changed us and made us such strong, beautiful persons that if I should sit, think and rethink, that Thursday would have to be the day I choose to be one of the best days of my life.

A day I’ll never forget….

Wordcount – 634 words


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