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Wake up EARLY???! – Overnight Oats (Day 3)

This morning, like yesterday morning, and all the mornings before, I woke up at 6. I then checked my email to see what the challenge for the day was. My days begins at six everyday (just repeating in case you just jumped to this line for whatever reason). So when I saw the words wake up early(earlier) in the email ….I spin mi roll and go right back under mi blanket. Mr. Goins enlightened me about the fact that the best time for writing is in the early hours, before distractions come along FOR MANY. Now if the many he spoke of is like 99%…I am resting peacefully in the 1%. It’s just not the season for that type of challenge in my life. So yes, I’m still sticking to the challenge but my distractions start at six and I nah race wid dem at all. Sorry

So today, I’m sharing with you all my overnight oats recipe.

In less than a year, I have gained 30 pounds…….

I’m fine with weight gain to be honest. I don’t like being skinny at all but I think I’m scratching my limit’s ass and I need to slow down.

I’ve been seeing too much belly lately and that is exactly where I draw the line.

So… I’ve decided to start eating a bit healthier and the first healthy meal I’ve decided to try is overnight oats. It’s a very simple recipe that you wont have to go out of your way to try. So if you’ve been thinking about going healthy you can definitely try this one. And let me know what you think

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A container ( I used a Mason Jar)
  2. Oats (It’s best to use old-fashioned oats)
  3. Greek yogurt
  4. Milk (low-fat, almond,coconut, you decide)
  5. Fruits (Once again you decide, I used a banana and dried cranberries)
  6. Nuts (Your choice)
  7. Chia seeds ( I’ll tell you about these later)
  8. A sweetener – as a sweetener you may use honey, agave or if yuh wah behave cyaliss you can use sugar -_-. I didn’t use a sweetener though. My fruits were sweet enough

By now you should see that most of these things would already be around the house so your shopping list should be short. Now to put them together and make fancy food

  1. Add half a cup of oats to your Jar
  2. Add your Chia seeds ( you may stir them together if you’d like but I don’t because i like a layered look)
  3. Add enough milk to cover your oats and chia seeds ( don’t drown di ting dem)
  4. Now you can add your yogurt then your fruits and nuts and your sweetener
  5. Try not to fill the container too much with food because the oats will need space to swell up
  6. You can mix everything by shaking your container or stirring everything but like I said i like layers
  7. Leave that in your fridge overnight and you’re good to go in the morning
  8. When you’re ready for your oats, you may have it as is or heat it up if you’d like to. Feel free to add more fruits and nuts if you’d like as well



Word Count – 523


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