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My Motivation – Day 2

Ladies and gentlemen, please have a seat and allow me to share with you my predicament tonight. And yes my friends, this is an excuse. The time is now 9:12 pm and I have just started working on my blog for the day.

This week is processing week at work, if you know what I do and I had no break at all today. So I work from 8:30am to 4:30pm and then from about 4:40pm to 6pm, I’m at the gym. Now, I can’t be skipping the gym right now because for a few months now, I have been ignoring the fact that my belly sits in my lap and I’m afraid if I ignore it a millisecond more we would experience what my grandmother would call a “hawk and pattoo race”. Does that sound cute?

I get home by about seven, cook if I must, clean if I’m forced and that takes us to about eight ( nine if Netflix is up and running) and this is how we get here.

The show has to continue.

When I took this challenge upon my frail shoulders I thought 500 words would be easy but after typing for sixteen minutes to see only 200 words I’m beginning to panic (not really, mi just extra).

Today in the challenge is planning day. I should tell you what my plans are for the remainder of the challenge and what motivated me to start this challenge.

I started this challenge firstly because I was idle at work, but the most important reason was because I know I need to improve on my writing and because I love to write. Karyn that I mentioned in day one was my writing parry in school too so seeing her, still writing motivated me a whole lot to at least see where I can go with this challenge.

Next, I’m to share my goals for the challenge, what I want to accomplish and how I intend to get there.

So…How am I going to reach my goal?

  1. I am going to write my 500-word blogs everyday before 12:00pm (AND POST THEM)
  2. As the days go by, I will keep track of the time I spend writing my posts and I will try to  improve on that time each day.
  3. I will not make any excuses
  4. I will fit all I said I would do in my first post into my day – So I’ll write 500 words for my blog, 500 words for my book, read someone’s blog post, go to the gym and complete all my workouts for the day along with my work hours
  5. I will find persons to hold me accountable throughout this challenge and…
  6. I will not snap at these persons when they do try to hold me accountable ( Candice and Donavon can print this one)

This challenge is looking fun already. If you haven’t joined me yet, you still have time. Just click #500wordchallenge and get started.

If you don’t know me or you havent caught on yet, I am fluffing the rest of this post until I get to the 500 word mark

And I did it. Hurray


Word Count – 520

Time: 10:07pm( Like a G)






2 thoughts on “My Motivation – Day 2

  1. i get mentioned a second blog in a row! now you have me feeling like a G! LOL! Now you’ve motivated me to try finish my challenge from here at my desk at work.


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