What I Want To Be Remembered For

I am always thinking about my death. I think about how it is that I will die, who I will leave behind when I die and most importantly what I will be remembered for. Which History book will I be in? Will there be a Euranique Bailey day?

Those thoughts are just a few of the things I have crammed in my head-space but after sitting down and really thinking about what it is I will be remembered for I realize that it is the small things that really matter.

Yes, I want to have a book out and of course I’d love to have my name on buildings and all that fancy stuff but does that really matter if I’m not remembered by the persons that really matter to me?

What I really want, is to be remembered as the girl who could light up any room, put a smile on anyone’s face, make people feel good about being around me or having me as a friend.

I want to be remembered as the woman who was able to overcome all her fears and struggles. Someone who had gone through it all and still came out victorious.

Lastly I want to be remembered as the girl who died happy and content because at the end of the day all the riches in the world all the comfort, all the lights don’t matter if you didn’t enjoy them.

If you weren’t happy.



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