31 Days Blog Challenge (Failed)

My Earliest Memory

I am one of those persons with selective memory. I try to remember only the things that please me or help me.

Most of my memories are of my mother since those are all I get to hold on to.

When I was younger my family was extremely poor but I was young so I didn’t realize. And when I say poor I mean poor.

We cooked outside, showered outside.

The kitchen, living area(hall) and bedroom were all situated in the same room.

Anyways there was a pit toilet in the yard (I think my cousin fell in once) that we would all use and at nights at least two persons would go together just to be safe. Whenever mommy went I’d accompany her. That was our ‘catch-up’ time because she would leave out for for work at about 7 and she wouldn’t be back until about 5. Later than 5 if she had to teach extra lessons.

We would talk about random things; boyfriends that I wasn’t supposed to have, plans for the next day and so on. But no matter what we were talking about, the conversation would lead to the stars in the sky. She would tell me to search for the biggest, brightest one and when I found it she would tell me that I was that star. Then magically she’d find an even bigger star and tell me to strive to be that one.

The best nights were the ones with shooting stars. We would always wish for pink ‘open-top’ cars. Trust me. I thought I was going to get that car. I didn’t get it but we had fun and those small toilet moments have helped to mold me into the person I am.

What is your earliest memory?

– Eura


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