31 Days Blog Challenge (Failed)


I feel like Lucy writing this post.

Do you remember that scene in the movie when she was talking to her mom and she was talking about how she could feel her bones growing and how she tasted her mother’s milk in her mouth and all that jazz?

Yes, I feel like Lucy. It’s amazing all the things you notice when you sit still. I might do yoga just because of this.

Anyways let me get into it.

I SEE words running across the screen of my iPad,cushions,a couch, my grandmother’s wheelchair, a fake plant in the corner of the room, blue curtains.

I HEAR my fingers tapping my iPad, a clock ticking, Gibbs talking on NCIS, a baby crying, music playing (assuming that’s a club nearby). I hear the fridge doing whatever it is that it does. I hear a clicking sound, I don’t know what it is or where it’s coming from, it is 9:51 in the night and I hear hear a rooster crowing.

I FEEL miserable and antsy because I swear my tonsils are swelling up on me once again and I refuse to remove them.

I SMELL Jesus’ buttcrack (I say that whenever something smells good). I don’t smell anything special though. I’m in st Thomas so the air is just crisp and clean and perfect.

I TASTE potato pudding. That’s the last thing I ate



  1. Reblogged this on THEVERYGOVERNOR.COM and commented:
    I have known this chica for about a million years now and every time i read one of her blog posts i feel like there is so much more about her that i need to know……..its always refreshing reading her posts….just so amazing and soothing!!!! Just beautiful


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