31 Days Blog Challenge (Failed)

My Pet Peeves

I have an impressive list of pet peeves. For the sake of time though I’ll list a few. I don’t want to lose my salvation thinking about them too much anyways.

1) Loud chewers AND those persons whose teeth seem to be unable to avoid forks and spoons

2) Waiting at the door of an ATM for years for one person to come out. The instructions are so clear.

3) Men who wear black shoes and brown belts. That should be in the Offences Againts the Person Act 😒

4) Group meetings with people that swear to Jesus they know everything. The ones that are always late too or always meeting in accidents.

5) I hate when I’m about to do something and someone tells me to do it. I just can’t do it after that. Don’t tell me what to do

6) Slow WiFi or Secured WiFi in public places

7) Security Guards that believe they’re the police

8) Irregardless

9) When chocolate-chip cookies turn out to be oatmeal-raisin cookies


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